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Start your consultancy journey in the embedded industry.

We find embedded opportunities for you that perfectly match your skills and experience.

Leverage your skills on projects you value.


Select projects that align with your interests and expertise.

Negotiate fees that reflect your value and experience.



Manage your time and avoid the traditional office structure to achieve a work-life balance.


Flexible Work Model

  • Our positions remain predominantly remote, aligning with modern work trends and promoting work-life balance.

  • Specific product development stages may necessitate on-site collaboration or critical milestone reviews, organized as short-term business trips for enhanced team integration and project alignment.

Tailored Project Matching

  • During our comprehensive evaluation process, we delve into your expertise, preferred challenges, and project aspirations alongside your compensation expectations.

  • This ensures a precise match with projects that not only need your skills but also align with your professional growth goals, making every project a step forward in your career.

Innovation Funding Program

  • We implement a program to back the innovative ideas of our team, from upgrading our tools to introducing groundbreaking products.

  • We dedicate funds and resources to chosen projects, nurturing an environment where innovation thrives and team members feel like true stakeholders.

Broad Industry Exposure

  • We expose our team to a vast spectrum of industries and technologies, broadening their skill set and enhancing their professional growth.

  • We promote the exchange of knowledge across various fields, giving our team the chance to engage with advanced projects in emerging areas like IoT, medical technology, and consumer electronics.

Collaboration Process

We always follow four specific steps to ensure you receive tailored offers that align perfectly with your skills and experience.


You start your journey by sending us your profile.


Before you can join our network, we schedule a discovery meeting.


Based on your skills, you get access to opportunities and get into interviews with customers.


When you are ready to sign an opportunity, we take care of the contracting, payment, and any other support you might need.

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Thank you for your submission!

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the legal form of collaboration?
    Our collaborations are all B2B (business-to-business). We handle all the contract legwork, so you can focus on your deliverables and avoid administrative burdens.
  • What equipment do I need to work remotely?
    In most cases, the customer will provide you with the necessary equipment to work remotely. This way, you can be sure you have everything you need to be successful on the project. In other cases, you bring your own equipment.
  • Do I need to work remotely or on-site?
    Nokto offers remote opportunities, but some projects may require occasional business trips. These trips could be for onboarding, critical project stages (like hardware-software integration), or client meetings.
  • Do I need to cover travel expenses for business trips?
    No, you typically won't need to cover travel expenses for approved business trips out of pocket. The customer will reimburse you for reasonable transportation and accommodation costs according to their specific guidelines. Nokto will ensure you receive all the details about the client's expense policy and the process for claiming reimbursement before your trip.
  • Is part-time available?
    Nokto offers project flexibility in some cases. Whether a project is part-time or uses flexi-time depends on the customer's expectations and their vision for the collaboration.


about how we can collaborate.

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