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Start your freelance journey in the automotive industry

We find embedded opportunities for you that perfectly match your skills and experience.


Work on what you care about, and get paid what you believe you are worth.

Accurate. Predictable. Community-centric.

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Remote positions

  • All our opportunities are exclusively remote.

  • Some opportunities might require some on-site presence for onboarding or critical phases of the project that will be treated as business trips.

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Roles for you

  • In our initial discovery call, we want to find out what you know, what challenges you would like to tackle, and what your expected hourly rate is. 

  • That way, we increase the chance of finding relevant opportunities for you.

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  • You get access to other members of the network.

  • If you need support for a task, all you have to do is ask the network.

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Fixed service fee

  • We have a fixed service fee that we put on top of your hourly rate, that's all.

  • There are no hidden fees or extra costs for you, our pricing is straightforward and it only applies to the customer.

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Legal security

  • We take responsibility for the legal aspects of the contracts.

  • You sign the contract with us, and we take care of everything else.


We take care of guiding you through the whole collaboration process.

We always follow 4 specific steps to make sure you get the right professionals for your project.



You start your journey by sending us your profile.



Before you can join our network, we schedule a discovery meeting.



Based on your skills, you get access to freelancing opportunities and get into interviews with customers.


When you are ready to sign an opportunity, we take care of the contracting, payment, and any other support you might need.

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Thank you for your submission!

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nokto an outsourcing agency?

No. While the services that we offer are similar to the ones an outsourcing agency offers, we work exclusively with freelancers, which means we focus more on rapidly assembling teams of freelancers than on having “competence centers” for a particular tech.

What are the benefits of freelancing?

You get to choose what to work on when to work on and from where you want.

What is the legal form of collaboration?

All opportunities are B2B, we take care of the contracts and everything for you, so you can focus more on your work and less on paperwork.

Do I need to work remotely or on-site?

All the opportunities from Nokto are remote, but sometimes business trips are needed for some projects either for onboarding or during different critical stages of a project (hardware-software integration, prototype bring-up, etc).

Is part-time available?

Some opportunities are part-time or flexi-time, this all depends on what the customer expects and how they imagine the collaboration to work.

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