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Smart Belt System BSW Development


To create a team in 3 weeks capable of rapidly prototyping an ECU in 4 months in order for our customer to win a quotation.


By the time our competitor responded to the request, our team of 4 was already assembled and ready to start. This process took less than 3 weeks.

The customer won the quotation and even got praise for their speed of delivery and quality of the release. We also continue the work even after the prototyping phase and extended the team to 5 members.

• Rapid Prototyping and Board Bring-up
• FBL Configuration and Integration
• DTC Configuration and Implementation
• Module and Unit Design
• Module and Unit Testing
• RTE Configuration
• Application Development

• MCAL Configuration and Integration (Ex. ADC, PWM, GPT, STM, WDG, SPI, MCU)
• BSW Configuration and Integration (All modules)
• Security Stack Integration including HSM Configuration and Integration
• Secure Boot, Secure Flashing, Secure Communication, Secure Diagnosis
• Diagnostic Services Configuration and Implementation
• CANoe Simulation Configuration and Development (including CAPL)
• CAN Communication Configuration and Integration
• Custom Driver Development (External SBC)
• Safety Level QM


• DaVinci Developer
• DaVinci Configurator
• Elektrobit Tresos (for MCAL)
• CANoe Simulation (including CAPL)
• Tessy
• CanDela
• PicoScope
• iSystems WinIdea

• Embedded C Development
• MCAL Configuration

• Cybersecurity
• SBC Development
• Aurix TC332
• Aurix TC322



Our freelancers worked with multiple companies and OEMs and here are a few case studies as examples.

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Cybersecurity Concept Lead

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ADAS Integration Team Lead

Challenge - To provide a freelancer team lead that could take the lead of an existing software integration team and...

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