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Cybersecurity Concept Lead


To provide an expert that can take over all the Cybersecurity activities like effort estimation, people estimation, technical challenges, and documentation.

All these activities were overdue for almost 1 year since the employee assigned to these topics was unable to fulfill them.


Our freelancer managed to understand the project and it’s needs in less than 2 weeks. In 6 months, over 90% of the activities have been planned, the concept has been created and the way forward for all the customer requirements has been set.

Our freelancer is still involved in the project in order to make sure that the final delivery is done successfully.

• Requirements Engineering
• Cybersecurity Concept Creation
• Team Coordination
• Effort Estimation
• Technical Support for the Team


• Polarion


• Cybersecurity (ISO 21434)



Our freelancers worked with multiple companies and OEMs and here are a few case studies as examples.

autosar crypto stack.png

AUTOSAR Crypto Stack Integration

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Smart Belt System BSW Development

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adas autonomous driving.png

ADAS Integration Team Lead

Challenge - To provide a freelancer team lead that could take the lead of an existing software integration team and...

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