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AUTOSAR Crypto Stack Integration


To provide an expert that can integrate the Crypto Stack in the customer’s AUTOSAR application in 1 month.


Provided a freelancer in 2 days, signed the contract in 2 weeks, and finished the integration in 20 days. The freelancer still works with the customer since they were impressed by his skills.


Renesas RL78
Embedded C Development

• BSW Configuration and Integration
• Code Writing (Embedded C)
• Code Review
• Requirements Engineering Support


• DaVinci Configurator
• Elektrobit Tresos
• Renesas E1 Debugger
• GitTea


Our freelancers worked with multiple companies and OEMs and here are a few case studies as examples.

smart belt.jpg

Smart Belt System BSW Development

Challenge - To create a team in 3 weeks capable of rapidly prototyping an ECU in 4 months in order for our customer to...


adas autonomous driving.png

ADAS Integration Team Lead

Challenge - To provide a freelancer team lead that could take the lead of an existing software integration team and...

cybersecurity concept lead.png

Cybersecurity Concept Lead

Challenge - To provide an expert that can take over all the Cybersecurity activities like effort estimation, people...

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