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AUTOSAR Integration

We can cover all the areas of the V-Cycle, from requirements to coding.

We have experts that can take care of the complete BSW configuration, including RTE.

FBL is also a hot topic, our experts have experience with multiple OEMs and with multiple suppliers of FBL (Vector, Elektrobit, custom).

  • FBL Configuration and Integration

  • Application Development

  • BSW Configuration

  • MCAL Configuration

  • Integration of New SIP Deliveries

  • RTE Interfaces Configuration

  • Diagnostic Services Configuration and Implementation

  • Security Stack Integration (HSM Configuration and Integration)

  • Secure Boot

  • Secure Flashing

  • Secure Communication

  • Secure Diagnosis

Autosar Image_edited.jpg

AUTOSAR Integration

Embedded Image.png

Embedded Development

Requirements engineering.png

Requirements Engineering

functional safety.png

Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

Process engineering.png

Process Engineering

cybersecurity photo.png

Cybersecurity (ISO 21434)

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